Madison Auto Repair Tips

Applegate Auto Repair located in Madison, Wisconsin

Applegate Auto repair located in Madison, Wisconsin

The Winter season has not been kind to our roads in the Madison, Wisconsin area. The ice, snow, rain, sleet and cold have done a number on area roads and on the cars and trucks that drive on them. Applegate Auto Madison has a few tips to keep the wear and tear to a minimum. And maybe help you avoid a break down in the cold Wisconsin Winter.

  • Watch tire pressure on all four tires. Blow outs are tough in the cold. Doing so saves fuel too.
  • Check tires for bulges or worn out areas. Once again, blow outs are tough in the snow and cold.
  • Keep windshield cleaner full. Might might help you see that huge pot hole in the road.
  • Have your alignment checked by our professional auto repair company. Will help with adding extra wear on one side of vehicle. Helps prevent blowouts too.

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